The Green Room

Parent FAQs

Questions about Registration

How do I register for class?
The fastest and easiest way to register is through this secure website. You may also call our Office and speak with our Director of Education to discuss the best class/camp offering for your child by calling (828) 464-6583 (M-F, 9:30am – 5:30pm). Families who wish to pay with a check must submit a paper registration form, available online. Registration forms must be mailed to The Green Room Community Theatre, PO Box 1317, Newton, NC 28658 or may be submitted in person at our office in the Old Post Office Playhouse (Monday-Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm). Make checks payable to The Green Room.

How quickly do classes/camps fill?
Classes and especially camps fill quickly. Because classes fill very quickly, you are encouraged to register for Fall, Winter and Spring sessions early to ensure your space. Classes and camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that each class size is limited.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?
Families who register for classes will receive an email or phone confirmation.  Be sure to note the start date, time, and location of your class or camps on your personal calendar at the time of registration. If you have not received a confirmation within reasonable time, please call our office at (828) 464-6583 to confirm your registration.

Questions about Policies

What is the refund policy?
Registration fees for our Creative Works Series, Performance Ensemble, Summer Camps and One-Day Workshops are non-refundable.

What if I need to switch classes/camps?
If families find that they have a scheduling conflict and need to switch their class day or time or camp, they may call the our office at (828) 464-6583 to request this change. Please be aware that switching class is contingent upon space availability in the desired class.

Is there a chance that a class could be cancelled due to low enrollment?
The Green Room reserves the right to cancel classes for which fewer than five students are enrolled. In this event, we will notify the families affected by a cancelled class with a choice of suitable replacement classes and/or full refunds.

Are classes cancelled due to inclimate weather?
If Catawba County Schools are closed due to severe weather, The Green Room will not hold classes. Local news and radio stations will report school, library and location closings. You may also call (828) 464-6583 for information regarding building closings. Make-up days for cancelled classes may or may not be scheduled based on individual class schedules and circumstances.

Are make up classes available?
We strive to keep class sizes small and maintain an excellent Teaching Artist/student ratio. For these reasons, we are unable to offer make up classes.

Absences, late arrivals, and withdraws
Families are expected to bring students to class on time. Please inform your child’s Teaching Artist in advance of any necessary absences during the session when possible, especially if your student will not be able to attend the last day of class during the Sharing or Showcase.

Lost and Found
Be sure to label everything, especially coats. Lost items may be claimed at our office.  The Green Room is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Questions About Choosing a Class

Why should my student take theatre classes?
Theatre classes teach students skills which influence all areas of study and performance. Various studies have indicated high test averages from children who participate in the performing arts. Theatre students tend to have high levels of self-confidence and greater comfort speaking, making presentations, and reading aloud. Students learn to work well with others and adapt to new situations. Our most powerful testament at The Green Room is the students themselves: simply watch their work or ask them about the impact our theatre programs have had on their lives.

How do I know which class is right for my child?
Our teaching staff does an excellent job helping students to feel comfortable in all of our classes. We do offer classes with different focuses, levels of intensity, and time commitments so we recommend that you speak with your child about his or her interest prior to registration. Please read the class descriptions to note the significant differences between the offerings. If you have further questions about class descriptions, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Education at

What if my child has special needs?
Our classes are inclusive. Open communication with families helps us create a successful environment for every child. Please contact our office if you have any concerns about your child’s needs. Our programs are often beneficial to children with special needs, and we will be more than happy to speak with you about class placement for your child.

Can parents stay with their student during class?
The Green Room’s classes are an independent experience for children to learn and explore in a classroom enhancing their social, developmental, and creative skills in a peer setting. For Creative Works classes, we provide an opportunity for parents to observe the class experience during the Sharing Day.  Parents do not sit in on classes. Although it is rare, some of our youngest students may experience separation anxiety on the first day of class. We find the most effective method for separation anxiety is a quick but loving goodbye from the parent. Our teaching artists will provide your child with the one on one attention required to sooth them until they are comfortable and engaged in the class. Once students begin class activities, anxiety typically diminishes. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office.